Fetish & Dreams

The film is about a Swiss filmmaker (S.) who is working on a documentary film on the theme of loneliness in New York. It mixes documentary and fiction in an entertaining way, showing all the flourishing industry that is aimed at lonely people, the numerous organisations that offer their services for singles and those seeking partners.
S. explores it all with journalist thoroughness. Initially distanced, but as time goes by he finds himself more and more involved personally. He cannot get a woman, he saw on the flight to New York, out of his mind. All that he knows is her name, Michéle, and that she studies music in Boston.
His telephone quest does not bring anything and he decides to go to Boston. There he visits all the music schools and puts up posters in the streets. Finally Michéle gets in touch.
S. falls in love. The film story meets finally his personal situation. Distance is no longer possible.

CH 1985
Feature Film
35mm (Transfer from 1 inch video)
82 min., colour

Location: New York, Boston (USA)
Language: English, Swiss German
Subtitles: German, French, English


Director: Steff Gruber
Script: Steff Gruber
Photographer: Rainer Klausmann
Editor: Beni Müller and Steff Gruber
Music: William Steffen

Michèle Rusconi, Marcy Boucher, Lea Lerman, Rip Wilson, Peter Schelling, Steff Gruber and the participation of Joel Meyerowitz.

Producer: Steff Gruber
Co-Producer: Cyrille Kazis
Production: ALIVE Media
Distribution: Filmcoopi Zurich
World Sales: KINO.NET

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