Jürg Hassler in "Manhattan Möwe" (2011) from Milan Peschel, Theater Neumarkt, Zurich. Photo: Philipp Ottendörfer

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This documentary film about Jürg Hassler not only recounts the biography of a fascinating multitalent, it also reveals a chapter in the history of Swiss film previously unknown to the majority of viewers.

Hovering between documentary and fiction, the film confronts the viewer with Hassler’s unconventional approach to life as a photographic reporter, agitator, film maker, night club dancer, sculptor, author and architect – activities which he continues to pursue to an extent even today at the age of 73.

CH 2012
HD (16:9)
95 min. colour / b&w
Location: Zurich, Paris, Napels, Los Angeles
Language: German, French, Italian
Subtitles: English, German, French, Italian

Director: Steff Gruber
Script: Steff Gruber

Jürg Hassler, Marem Hassler, Dieter Meier, Walter Marti, Reto Salvoldelli, Renzo Schraner, Hans-Jakob Siber, Christian Schocher, Fredi M. Murer, Thomas Imbach a.o.
Producer: Steff Gruber
Associate Producer: Cyrille Kazis
Executive Producer: Diana Bärmann
Production: KINO.NET AG, Zurich
World Sales: KINO.NET AG, Zurich

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