KINO.NET AG is an independent production, distribution and lending company. The company was set up as Vérascope Films in 1989 by the Swiss director and producer Steff Gruber, and rechristened with its present name in 2007.

The aim of KINO.NET AG is to produce innovative auteur films. We focus in particular on the realisation of independent cinema and documentary films. The aim of all our projects is to oppose the dumbing down of the media and to create artistically valuable films with bold themes.

The company also offers services as a co-production partner in Switzerland and post production facilities.


24 April 2015 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Visit the film’s new facebook site at

23 December 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
The new film trailer is online on youtube now!

15 December 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Colour Grading at the KINO.NET studio is finished!

4 November 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Staying in Mainz (Germany) doing the special effects with Bernd Güssbacher.

4 August 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
At the moment we are at the sound studio DIGITON with re-recording mixer Jürg von (…)

25 August 2013 – FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE!
2013 Last shooting periode: Southeast Asia: September 1. – September (…)

1 June 2012 – HASSLER Doc
Zurich Film Foundation supports for the second time the development of the film (…)

3 June 2011 – FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE!
First shooting periode in Thailand.