Our state-of-the-art post-production studio supports professional cutting, scoring and colour and light adjustment.
Digital NLE cutting unit

The Grass Valley cutting unit can process several 2D and 3D HD tracks in real time. The system is configured in such a way that it can process all formats without exception, even including 4K (RED). The computers we use are Siemens Celsius workstations with Intel Xeon processors. A speedy raid with a capacity of 24 terabytes is sufficient to save the projects we are currently working on. Electronically synchronised fader mixing desks and Genelec studio monitors make sound processing an easy matter.

For colour grading we use a DaVinci workstation with calibrated monitors.

Analog to digital
The following analog formats can be digitized:
U-matic, LB 
U-matic, HB 

We have three powerful TBCs of the Forex and Iden brands. Analog waveform and vectorscope monitors support exact recording.

Analog sound studio
Our sound studio consists of an analog 24 track Tascam mixing desk, digital recorders (Tascam, Marantz) and Tannoy studio monitors. On the analog side we have Revox-Studer tape machines, (19/38), a Technics cassette player and a Thorens record player.

We have Siemens 16mm projectors (optical and magnetic sound) and a 9.5 mm projector, as well as Super 8 and Normal 8 projectors. An intensely powerful video beamer supports in-house viewings on a professional screen. JBL monitors guarantee excellent sound quality.