What’s going on

Photo: Luis Del Amo, Hua Hin, Thailand, 2011

24 April 2015 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Visit the film’s new facebook site at www.facebook.com/FireFireDesire

23 December 2014 -FIRE FIRE DESIRE

The new film trailer is online on youtube now!

15 December 2014 -FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Colour Grading at the KINO.NET studio is finished!

4 November 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
Staying in Mainz (Germany) doing the special effects with Bernd Güssbacher.

4 August 2014 – FIRE FIRE DESIRE
At the moment we are at the sound studio DIGITON with re-recording mixer Jürg von Allmen doing the audio post production of FIRE FIRE DESIRE.

25 August 2013 – FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE!
2013 Last shooting periode: Southeast Asia: September 1. – September 30.

1 June 2012 – HASSLER Doc
Zurich Film Foundation supports for the second time the development of the film HASSLER – NOS IMAGES.

3 June 2011 – FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE!
First shooting periode in Thailand.

screening at the 9. Gdansk Docfilm Festival, Gdansk – Poland. 8.30 pm, Kino Kameraine.

30 June 2010 – Screenplay DARK STREAM
The first version of the screenplay is completed. 128 pages! Uff!

17 June 2010 – Sebastian Horsley 

The British artist Sebastian Horsley is dead! R.I.P.

1 June 2010 – DARK STREAM 
DARK STREAM (working title)
Feature Film
by Steff Gruber
Location: Southeast Asia
Production: KINO.NET / Rainfire FilmsSteff Gruber, Diana Bärmann, Chris Jarvis and Joe Baker write the first version of the script DARK STREAM.

8 December 2009 – HASSLER
Zurich Film Foundation supports the development for the film HASSLER – NOS IMAGES.

1 June 2009 – FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE!
RAINFIRE NEWS: Research start of FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE! in Phnom Penh Cambodia .

13 September 2005 – Sebastian Horsley
and Steff Gruber agree to make a movie about the British artist. It will be a biography. Onest and more true than any documentary could be: We will produce fiction!