FIRE, FIRE, DESIRE! (Crew & cast in Hua Hin, Thailand, 2011) photo: Luis Del Amo

Key members of the company are Steff Gruber (producer and director) and the cultural scholar Diana Bärmann. She performs the role of an executive producer, as well as heading the company’s research division.

Based in Basel, Cyrille Kazis functions in some instances as a co-producer. The creative team also includes the designer Anke Felgenhauer. 
The Canadian Chris Jarvis is the executive producer at RAINFIRE Inc. (a subsidiary of KINO.NET).

Based on the needs of the individual project, KINO.NET works with a selection of well qualified freelancers as well as with the team of ALIVE Media AG.

Producer / Director

Associate Producer

Creative Director

Executive Producer, SEA

Electronic Engeneer